The day after Krysta and Danny’s wedding, I found this poem at Powell’s bookstore and shared it with them over breakfast, after signing the marriage certificate.

Podcast for Bicycles by Nikki Giovanni

I loved my Mother’s cool hands
On my forehead

I loved the safety
Of her arms
I trusted
Before I understood
The word

Mommy would say
When I had fallen:
“Come here, Nikki,
and I’ll pick you up”

and I would wipe my eyes
push myself off my fat bottom
and tottle over to her
for my reward:
a kiss and a “That’s my Big Girl!”

I am still a sucker
For that one

But I grew up
And learned
Trust and love
Are crafts we practice
Are wheels
We balance
Our lives on

We ride
Through challenges and changes

To escape and ecstasy

“it is common to take a dog for a walk, it is less common to take a dream for a walk” || @amalacademy + @understory cofounder | nature novel in progress

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