benje williams

searching for three acres

for years, poet laureate WS Merwin dreamed of restoring a bit of the earth’s surface. he searched for it across the world, and finally settled on three acres, in Hawaii, which he purchased for $60k in 1977.

holding the Essential WS Merwin book of poetry, i set out to search for my own 3 acres, across 3000 miles of the oldest transcontinental road in America.

4200 miles later, the road still hasn’t ended. and it certainly hasn’t been straightforward. but it has been full of wonder and occasional discovery.

the poems / pictures in this publication are pieces of that road.



the beginning

is not always easy to see

the first page of a notebook
might not be the first
pages torn out
words lost
emotions that couldn’t be described
memories that have long ago faded
road trips that began generations before

even the seedling that breaks ground
belongs to a forest of a family
towering above
holding the ground below



August 10

it’s a day we’ll never forget
a 911 of the land
of the forest
of the fields

it’s a word we never knew
as if created for a devastation
that couldn’t be described

a wall of wind
100 miles long
80 miles deep
140 miles per hour fast
marching across Nebraska
collapsing into Iowa
flattening the red oak
the white ash
the black walnut
mulching millions of maze rows
mangling massive silos
uprooting entire houses
crushing a man on his bike

the most expensive tornado in history
seven billion in damage
of what can be counted

never before

and hopefully never again
but even as i say the words
they feel fragile
as if unsure they will be able to stand
in the world they have found themselves in



bald eagle

we almost killed the bald eagle
industry / efficiency / ddt / mono-everything

but she fought back
soaring over Iowa fields now

too beautiful to capture
even in a camera

wings spanning across what is
and what could be

golden beak pointing north
eyes looking down, asking

what else have you almost killed
what else will you allow to fight back



montana mountains

we are now in the mountains
and the mountains are in us

towering cliffs of red granite
puncturing the heavens with pinnacle peaks

soaring columns of golden clay
scaling to stories too high to read

moonlit crowns of ice and snow
telling tales of death and defeat

sunkissed passes of morning delight
whispering melodies of discovery and light

dripping snow from families of fir
disappearing into glaciers

lowly rivers beneath bridges and feet
quietly remembering how it all came to be




it’s been 7 days 12 states nearly 2700 miles
and you still haven’t found the forest

it’s been 36 years 5 countries and nearly 2700 tears
and you still haven’t found her

just 3 acres is all i need, the poet said
and made a life of it

meanwhile, the hard horned sheep climbs
the snow dusted rocky mountain

meanwhile, the elk herd migrates
across the frozen valley floor

meanwhile, the great basin nuzzles his head
through the thick powder of snow

meanwhile, the grey wolf stands alone
underneath the dark eternal pine

regarding you
before continuing on



benje williams

benje williams

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